ACT Venture Partners
ACT has invested € 2.500.000 in a seed round to FalconAI, a startup developing advanced AI algorithms with disruptive applications in various sectors
December 2017
Current AI frameworks require massive amount of labeled training data to provide accurate results. They also do not utilize past experiences to learn new concepts in the same way the human mind does. AI might be powerful in accuracy but it is still very limited compared to the human mind in learning capability.

FalconAI develops novel AI algorithms overcoming two main bottlenecks of the AI-paradigm: the need for massive amounts of data and lack of memory transfer. To accelerate the learning process of AI, FalconAI utilizes both neuroscience-inspired techniques mimicking human way of learning and advanced optimization frameworks exploiting the structure in the data to transfer knowledge from one domain to another domain. The company is currently focusing on one-shot and transfer learning techniques in computer vision and recommendation systems.

Cutting-edge algorithms of FalconAI are poised to transform business processes in various sectors especially with limited amount of data.

FalconAI Team is comprised of top AI researchers and engineers located in Boston and Istanbul. FalconAI will leverage the investment to expand the team to become a global leader in AI.

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