ACT Venture Partners
ACT Venture Partners
is a Venture Capital firm that invests in early-stage deep-tech startups. Our investors include European Investment Fund, and other local and international private investors. We back entrepreneurs who are passionate, have global ambitions, and built their startups around unique defensible technologies.
Purpose Driven
We commit to a vision for the future where we generate public value along with value for our investors by helping them solve big challenges by investing in talented technical founders.
We are accredited & regulated by the EU AIFMD in the Netherlands and comply with Invest Europe's Guidelines & Code of Conduct regarding governance, transparency and accountability.
ACT helps start-ups focus from day one
Early-stage technology ventures cope with multi-domain challenges.
Fitting and Pivoting
At seed stage, key challenges are resolving problem-solution fit and product-market fit. We encourage pivoting several times, where necessary.
Catalysing Networking
Networking for business partnerships might be a time-consuming activity and a foreign territory for technical founders. We facilitate the process and leverage our own network.
Early Customers
ACT dedicates significant amount of partners' time and utilizes its C-level network to secure customers for its portfolio companies.
Next Round of Investment
Next round planning starts at day one. Our network of Series-A investors allows our portfolio companies to access and pitch to relevant investors.
ACT's Criteria Sets
Our ticket size starts from Seed/Series A stages
with ~500K EUR initial investment for companies in Europe
Problem - Solution Fit
ACT aims for technologicaly innovative start-ups that solves real problems and offers solutions better than existing alternatives.
Product-Market Fit
ACT examines the market penetration strategy for the product's competitive advantage to generate demand in the ecosystem.
Team Fit
ACT believes in founders' entrepreneurship quality. However, a great idea can rarely succeed without a good team composition
Investment Thesis Fit
To generate returns for its investors, factors like stage, risks, market size, cap table, exit options etc., need to satisfy ACT's requirements.
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ACT's Contribution to Sustainability
As ACT Venture Partners, we define ourselves as a purpose dirven fund, one of our main goals being to contribute to sustainable development through our investments. We feel responsible for the global problems affecting the whole world and we follow the main initiatives in this regard. In our investments, we aim to support startups that embraced similar initiatives and offer solutions to these problems. In line with our goals, we follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and the Joint Impact Model created by several international finance institutions (IFIs).

In the following study, we have prepared a map showing the contribution of our portfolio companies to the specific goals of UN SDGs. The SDGs were set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 as a universal call to action to achieve a better future and address global challenges. Our portfolio companies are aligned with 7 out of 17 goals and aim to achieve these goals comprehensively, by continuing to demonstrate positive social and environmental impacts and strengthening their strategies in this direction.