ACT’s University Board held its first meeting on October 14th 2015 at Boğaziçi University. Thirty participants from 15 universities participated in the meeting.

Mr. Csaba Szabo of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and Mr. Edward Jung of Intellectual Ventures’ Invention Development Fund (IDF) were also present, and shared their views on how to spur technological development globally and interest in partnership opportunities with ACT and the Turkish universities.

The major objective of the ACT University Board is to create a platform for establishing a continuous channel between universities (particularly the Technology Transfer Offices – TTOs) and ACT. Currently, the Board has 34 members.

The main discussion of the meeting was the process and the progress about how to identify promising projects in universities at an early stage, bring them to the attention of ACT, and to build commercial value around it with ACT’s help.

Boğaziçi University and Middle East Technical University (METU) members shared their experiences in IP commercialization, TTO implementations, and success stories.

The role and investment strategy of ACT was explained and discussed in detail, and all participating universities expressed their willingness to actively collaborate with ACT to identify, prepare, and present potential projects and inventions to ACT.

The Board meetings will be held in every 6 months, and Dokuz Eylül University has kindly offered to host the next meeting. ACT is looking forward to the next meeting to review the progress.