ACT invests in TeamSQL, a multi-platform SQL Client

ACT has joined the pre-seed funding round of TeamSQL, a start-up that builds solutions to unify the work & collaboration efforts on different database technologies and operating systems into a single platform.

‘SQL’ has been around for over 30 years and the concept of relational databases are even older. Until the last decade, a few major players, including Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, dominated the data management market. However, software engineering has been getting more complicated due to the volume of data that an average application/service needs to store and process. A software engineer needs to deal with different types of databases to design & build scalable applications and services. Considering that there are more than 300 database engines in the world right now1 , working with those databases using different tools and different operating systems just makes the process much more complicated than it should be.

TeamSQL believes that tools for managing SQL databases cannot satisfy the requirements of today, such as interoperability between different database engines, collaboration, simplicity and maybe the most important of all: a better experience using the power of cloud. The founders also envision that it’s not only the software engineers that should be able to access to databases but also anyone who has to deal with data itself. The company has built their application, TeamSQL, to provide those features and even more to help everyone to work on databases easier and faster, enabling collaboration and other cloud-based features. TeamSQL currently works with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift and it will also add support for additional SQL and NOSQL databases in the upcoming weeks.

The product has been in beta since February 2017 and successfully graduated from the beta in June 2017. Thousands of users already rely on TeamSQL for their daily works.


Further information about TeamSQL is available at: