RS Research was founded by Dr. Rana Sanyal and Sena Nomak in 2015. The company has a core strength on tumor-targeted therapies. Scientific research studies are being led by Prof. Rana Sanyal, a faculty member at Boğaziçi University. The company began developing drug candidates with improved efficacy and reduced side effect profile for targeted delivery in cancer chemotherapy. Impressive results achieved from preclinical studies and ACT invested € 1,1 Million to RS Research for further studies and partnerships.

RS Research has developed a novel nanomedicine platform by using polymer technology. This proprietary drug delivery platform consists of a tunable polymer and biodegradable drug linkers, enabling tailor made designs with targeting units. This allows speedy development of targeted nanomedicines with superior performance.

Prof. Rana Sanyal graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Chemical Engineering and obtained her PhD from Boston University, Department of Chemistry. She started her professional career as a researcher in California-based Amgen Inc. Dr. Sanyal has been an academician in Boğaziçi University since 2004 and is also the Director of Boğaziçi University Center for Life Sciences and Technologies, an international center of excellence. Sanyal is the Founding Partner and Chief Science Officer of RS Research.

Sena Nomak graduated from İstanbul Technical University Marine Engineering Department, where he continues his studies towards his PhD.  After 15 years of experience in executive and entrepreneur positions in various industries, Nomak is now the Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer of RS Research.

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