ACT invested in Botanalytics, a startup that provides AI powered conversational analytics and engagement solutions for the rapidly emerging chatbot market.

Since 2014 messaging platforms have been rising rapidly as an active user base. On top of those platforms, chatbots are evolving to give their services to users of messaging platform. Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, Line, Microsoft Skype, WeChat, Google Assistant, Twilio, Telegram and Amazon Alexa are some platforms that have chatbot support for their platforms. Every brand now is publishing its chatbot on many platforms and they need to measure its effectiveness to enhance it in the course of time. Besides, chatbot engagement and retention become much more important to determine which bots will survive in the bot ecosystem.

Botanalytics provides wide variety of features such as; fundamental conversational analytics, segmenting conversations, measuring activity of chatbot, retention of conversations, live take-over, broadcast messages and setting up funnels. Botanalytics supports many chatbots on different platforms as well. This helps chatbot users to analyze different account of their chatbots on one platform. Platforms that Botanalytics supports are; Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Slack, Kik, Line, Telegram, WeChat, Viber, Twilio, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Botanalytics has received its first investment from 500 Istanbul in 2016 and in this round received 270.000 € from ACT.