ACT invests in App Samurai, a self-service mobile advertising tool

ACT Venture Partners led the seed round of App Samurai, with the participation of 500 Istanbul and serious angels led by Erdem Yurdanur and Tarkan Onar. The company raised $1M in the investment round.

App Samurai is a self-service mobile advertising tool for high-growth companies that lets companies create, manage, and measure mobile ad campaigns to acquire qualified users. App developers and performance marketers can easily create different mobile ad campaigns, get unique recommendations, track app store performance, and track in-app events all from one single dashboard.

After its flying start in the market in June 2016, App Samurai joined Techstars Berlin 2017, an acceleration program for startups.

According to Co-Founder and CEO Emre Fadillioglu, what’s particularly amazing about App Samurai is the ongoing optimization engine behind the success of the company. Up to this day, App Samurai has accumulated huge amount of data with reaching more than 1.2 billion mobile users through 50 thousand publishers. With the help of this Big Data, App Samurai AI predicts the best traffic source from over 1M+ sub-publishers for your app to provide the highest quality traffic with eliminating the fraudulent sources. The awesome tech rising in App Samurai is getting increasingly precise day by day, making app advertising easier than ever for high-growth companies.

App Samurai was started by 5 passionate entrepreneurs, Emre Fadıllıoğlu, Şeyhmus Ölker, Mehmet Bilgin, Selin Ezer and Soner Şensoy in June 2016. It now has 25 employees and offices in İstanbul, Ankara, and San Francisco.