ACT and StartersHub co-invested in Segmentify, a start-up providing solutions for e-commerce and content providers to increase visitor traction and convert visitors to customers by making smart recommendations.

Segmentify decreases campaign time to market and minimizes IT support needed while keeping the added Business Value at the highest level.

Segmentify’s innovative approach to convert recommendation algorithm based on collaborative filtering into real time is Segmentify’s main strength and advantage. The state-of-art recommendation engine eliminates the long period of time to create value for customers by learning very fast, even in minutes. This is possible with real-time updates to underlying customer scoring and segmentation system. Thanks to emerging cloud technologies, customers do not need to install any servers to benefit from Segmentify and this also prevents them from the hidden costs of hosted solutions (cooling, electricity etc).

Segmentify also provides a Dashboard to evaluate success rates of the customers’ campaigns in real time. This enables customers to fine tune their campaigns to get the best results based on customer responses.

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